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“Young people must have their voices heard at all times. We cannot not be passive participants in the conversations about our future. We must get active and create the future the way we want it.”


Young European Storytellers for Social Change (YOUTH FOR CHANGE) will upskill youth leaders empowering them with new knowledge and practical training resources to help young people put technology and digital stories to good use. This project‘s goal is to empower young people (15-24 years) to become active, empowered digital citizens capable of advancing strong social change missions online.

Youth for Change Project at a Glance

Learning Resource Pack:

  • Your digital workshop for becoming tech-savvy and a great storyteller.

Technology Toolkit:

  • An exploration journey into the best tech tools for digital storytelling.

Story Exchange App:

  • Your stage to showcase what you've learned and impact the world with your stories!

Get ready for a tech adventure where you become a storytelling pro, making a positive change in the world. YOUTH FOR CHANGE is all about you, your ideas, and the powerful stories you'll tell!

Joining a Platform For Young Activists With the European Parliament

Here's how it can help you get involved:

  1. Connect with Others: You'll meet other young activists who care about important issues, just like you do.
  2. Express Your Ideas on things that matter to you.
  3. Learn and Explore: Think of the European Parliament platform as a big source of information. By being a part of it, you can learn a lot about different topics related to youth activism.
  4. Work Together for Change: You can team up with others to turn your ideas into actions. It's like being part of a group that wants to make a positive impact in the world.

Your opinions count, and this platform is where you can make your voice heard!


  • A better future for Europe involves all of us! The big issues like global public health, the planet, security, and human rights need us to work together.
  • Taking action on things you care about not only makes a difference but also boosts participation in European democracy. It's super easy, and even a little time can create a big impact.
  • Now is the time to be hopeful and ambitious, and most importantly, now is the time to act. is a cool community of people who believe in democracy. As the next European elections come up, it connects people from all over Europe to share knowledge, learn new skills, and, of course, encourage everyone to vote in 2024.
  • Ready to get involved? The more people vote, the stronger our democracy becomes! Sign up here and let's make a positive change together: 

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