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1. "World Café" Methodology:

Imagine a café vibe, but for ideas! We set up small groups, each with a cool host, discussing different themes. You rotate to new groups, meeting new hosts and continuing the chat. This sparks diverse perspectives, active listening, and respectful dialogue. It's like a brainstorming session on steroids!

2. Participatory Budgeting:

Ever wanted a say in where the community budget goes? Well, this tool lets you do just that! Through meetings, online platforms, or other cool ways, you get to decide how a part of the local budget is spent. It's not just about making decisions; it's about empowering you to take an active role and directly impact the community. Plus, it keeps local government transparent and accountable, fostering community collaboration.

Now, we want to hear from you! How do you want to get involved in your community? Do you feel your voice isn't heard enough? Share your thoughts on how things could improve and which tools would work best for you. What does actively participating in society mean to you? Let's start a conversation that sparks change!

Game «Idea Sparks»

Objective: encourage youth to think creatively and come up with innovative ideas for community projects or events.

Materials needed: paper and pens

Let‘s break into smaller teams of 3-4. Each team gets a piece of paper and a trusty pen or pencil. We've got 10-15 minutes on the clock.

Your mission? Dream up some awesome ideas for a community project or event in your area.

We're talking creativity unleashed, so think outside the box!

When the time is up, each team should share their top three ideas with the larger group.

The larger group then votes on the best idea from each team.

The winning team's idea can then be developed further and potentially turned into a real community project or event.

Why Youth Participation Is Key?

Jahkini Bisselink is the Dutch Youth Ambassador of the United Nations representing all young. Jakhini is bridging the gap between young people and politics, fighting to let their voices be heard in national and international decision-making. Jahikini shares her perceptions about why youth participation is important.

Her main message and wish is “To take youth seriously and give them the tools to do so.”

Good Practice

European Youth Parliament (EYP) is a fantastic engagement tool for youth in France. This non-partisan and independent educational project is all about promoting active citizenship and understanding among young Europeans through debates and intercultural exchanges.

EYP France is organising many events each year. From regional sessions to national and international sessions, young people from various countries come together to dive into discussions and propose solutions for real-world issues. It's not just talk; these sessions involve debates, simulations, and workshops to develop your critical thinking, public speaking, and leadership skills.

Imagine being part of something that goes beyond borders, where your voice matters in shaping solutions for today's challenges. That's what EYP is all about - making you a powerhouse of critical thinking and leadership.

4 Exercises on Youth Using Their Voice

  1. "Story of My Life" Public Speaking Exercise
  2. "Perspective Shift" Debating Exercise
  3. "Voices of Change" Writing Workshop
  4. "Walking in Another's Shoes" Role-Playing Exercise

"Story of My Life" Public Speaking Exercise

The goal? To help each of you, from your diverse backgrounds, find your voice by sharing your unique stories.

This isn't just public speaking; it's a chance to boost your confidence while fostering empathy and understanding among your peers.

Think of it as your moment in the spotlight, a chance to express what makes you, well, YOU! We're here to cheer you on, and by the end, we'll all have a deeper understanding of each other.

So, let those stories flow, speak from the heart, and let's create a space where everyone's voice matters. Get ready to shine!


“Perspective Shift" Debating Exercise

Get ready for a thrilling exercise designed to supercharge your understanding of diverse perspectives and level up those public speaking skills. We're diving into a structured debate on a topic that revolves around diversity and inclusion.

The goal here isn't just to argue but to explore different viewpoints, broaden your understanding, and hone those persuasive speaking skills.

So, gear up for an intellectual showdown where your words will not only express your thoughts but also contribute to a deeper appreciation of diverse perspectives. Let the debating games begin!


"Voices of Change" Writing Workshop

In this workshop, we're diving into a mission: helping you put your thoughts, ideas, and experiences about social issues, diversity, and inclusion into words. It's all about expressing your voice and boosting your writing skills!

Think of it like a platform just for you. We want to hear what's on your mind, learn about your unique experiences, and explore the world of social issues together through writing.

So, get ready to unleash your creativity, put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), and let's make your voices heard in a way that truly shines!


"Walking in Another's Shoes" Role-Playing Exercise

The goal? To practice expressing your views, boost empathy, and dive into diverse scenarios. This is your safe space to understand different perspectives and flex those problem-solving muscles, especially when it comes to social and diversity-related issues.

Get ready to step into various characters' shoes, explore different viewpoints, and sharpen those empathy skills. It's not just a game; it's a journey into understanding and making a positive impact on the world around you.

So, are you ready to embrace different roles and broaden your perspective? Let's dive in and make this a learning adventure!


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