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Wellbeing in Diverse Youth Communities (WELLHOODY) is an innovative approach that will upskill YOUTH educators & communities in racially diverse communities to empower youth wellbeing & recognise strengths that are coming from diversity. In the process, they will equip young people to be active citizens, encouraging them to build inclusive diverse youth communities where everyone is welcome & can participate.

The enormous potential of youth can be unleashed for the wellbeing of the world, and it would have a tremendous impact, if only we make our youth inspired, inclusive, and insightful

We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future

- Franklin D. Roosevelt

The WELLHOODY project will enable community wellbeing through youth learning and produce wider social benefits. Youth learning rooted in utilising the power of diversity will encourage all community members to become pursuers of mutual wellbeing while nurturing acceptance and inclusion in terms of diversity.

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Project Activities

Result 02

WELLHOODY Open Education Resources

Project Result 2 will encourage youth/community educators to take responsibility for wellbeing of young people and recognise/promote the strengths and benefits that being part of a diverse community brings.

Result 03


Project Result 3 is specifically designed to ensure that we respond to key headline EU challenges through a unique, engaging, modern, and participatory method, using in person & online networking as a basis for embedding youth in wellbeing focused entities in diverse youth communities.

Result 04

WELLHOODY Platform and Online Course

The WELLHOODY interactive learning digital platform and online course will facilitate collaboration, promote peer to peer learning and encourage cross-project fertilisation of ideas to accelerate learning.

Project Partners

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