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Social Entrepreneurship Potentials

  • Social Entrepreneurship is about young people like you using business to make the world better. It's not just about making money; it's about creating solutions to problems like poverty or pollution.
  • As young social entrepreneurs, you have the power to start businesses that do good for people and the planet.
  • This means you can help your community while learning important skills like leadership and problem-solving.
  • Social Entrepreneurship is a great way to make a positive impact and set up a bright future, both for yourself and for others

Social Entrepreneurship – Roadmap for Future

Turning challenges into opportunities - Social Entrepreneurship uses innovative thinking to solve community problems

Your energy, creativity, and fresh ideas are key to driving social change. As young social entrepreneurs, you can transform your passion into impactful actions

Through social entrepreneurship, you become a catalyst for change, fostering sustainable solutions and empowering your community.

Embrace your potential as a change-maker. Every innovative idea, big or small, contributes to a brighter, more sustainable future.

Be inspired by young leaders who've made a difference. Their projects in areas like environmental sustainability and education showcase the power of youth-driven change

Identify a cause close to your heart. Connect with local social enterprise networks. Seek learning opportunities in workshops and mentorship programs

Social Entrepreneurship Youth Work for a Sustainable Future With Less Conflict

The Erasmus+ KA2 program, "Social Entrepreneurship for a Sustainable Future with Less Conflict," funded by the Nederlands Jeugdinstituut, aims to equip youth organizations with tools to assist young women in entrepreneurship, focusing on social and cultural sensitivity.

It targets NEET youth, especially from rural and disadvantaged areas. The program offers an online course, a condensed version of an 8-day training, available in multiple languages, covering organizational culture, mentoring, and workshops for NEET youth and women, with a focus on sustainable development and peace building through social entrepreneurship start-ups.

Who Can Benefit:

  • Youth Workers
  • Young People/Volunteers
  • Peer Educators


  • Internet Access
  • Basic Level of English

How to Engage:

The course is open to all registered users, free of charge. Upon registration, click "Start Course." The duration is approximately 2 hours, and the content remains accessible for 14 days after enrollment. Check the FAQ for more information.


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