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Together Is the Future

  • What happens when we all work together, mix up our viewpoints, and create something awesome when different voices team up? Picture a world where everyone's talents mix up, creating a crazy collage of ideas, cultures, and dreams. That's the future we're making together. It's not just about being ok with our differences; it's about turning them into a dynamic puzzle where each piece makes something even cooler.
  • Why together? Because that's where the great ideas come from. Think of your favourite band – each member has their own sound, and when they jam together, it's pure magic. It's kind of the same in our diverse groups – each of us brings our own flavour to the mix. So, how do we make this dream real? By getting to know each other, showing respect, and throwing a party for the diversity around us.

What can be done?


  • Reflects diversity in safe and inclusive spaces
  • Promotes open attitude
  • Raises awareness


  • Service and activism
  • Sense of belonging
  • Oneness/togetherness
  • Safeness to explore/achieve full potential


Source: Freepik

Context (a space created for youth participation and social recoginition attached to it, personal/family values, external situation, social injustice)

Action (projects, voluntary work, campaigns, movements)

  • Wellbeing
  • Satisfaction
  • Social contact and social support
  • Sense of belonging

Source: Harre, 2007


Source: Freepik

Time for reflection

  • Can you think of community interventions you have participated in?
  • Why did you take the intiative to participate in them?
  • What did you enjoy most?
  • What did you get out of it?
  • How do you think the community (or target group) benefit from it?
  • Were there any failures or frustrations?
  • How did you navigate through them?
  • Would you do it again?

What Is Positive Youth Development?

How Culture, Diversity, and Prior Experiences Can Influence  Positive Youth Development

Positive Youth Development (PYD) is an approach that highlights the natural strengths and potential of young people. Instead of just focusing on fixing weaknesses or avoiding negative outcomes, PYD sees all young people as having the ability to grow positively. It's a shared responsibility for families, communities, and institutions to offer opportunities and support, helping young individuals reach their full potential.

Recognising and respecting the diverse backgrounds and challenges faced by young people is key. PYD provides a useful framework to nurture and tap into the potential of youth from various cultures, backgrounds, and facing different challenges. This approach aims to enhance their overall well-being and encourage positive development.

Positive Youth Development -7 principles

Features and principles of PYD include:

  1. Strengths-Based Approach - Instead of viewing individuals as issues requiring resolution, PYD recognises their inherent strengths, talents, and potential for growth and development.
  2. Holistic Development - PYD acknowledges that young people progress in various aspects of their lives - physically, psychologically, intellectually, and socially. The objective is to foster their growth across all these dimensions.
  3. Active Participation - PYD advocates for individuals to be actively engaged in their own development. This involves assuming leadership roles, making decisions, and contributing to their communities.
  4. Supportive Relationships - Emphasising the significance of enduring connections with adults and peers, PYD promotes mentorship, guidance, and support.
  1. Empowerment - PYD is focused on empowering young people. This entails equipping them with skills, offering opportunities for growth, and acknowledging their achievements. Ultimately, its goal is to build self-efficacy and confidence.
  2. Skill Building Opportunities - PYD initiatives frequently offer opportunities for individuals to develop a range of skills - social, emotional, cognitive, or vocational.
  3. Safe and Inclusive Environments - Establishing physically and emotionally secure environments is essential for positive youth development within the PYD framework. These environments should value each individual's background or identity while ensuring they feel respected and heard.

Promoting Positive Youth Development (PYD) is all about creating a strong sense of belonging and building meaningful connections with peers, friends, and one's cultural identity within a community. By applying PYD principles and practices, we can enhance resilience and reduce risks, benefiting young people and communities with diverse backgrounds, including different ethnicities, races, cultures, specific needs related to behaviour and learning, and sexual orientation.

Improving Youth Wellbeing by Promoting Internships and Career Development


In the field of career development, providing invaluable career guidance, enhancing education and training, expanding internship opportunities, fostering mentorship and networking, engaging with employers, promoting lifelong learning, and ensuring access to resources and technology are all critical components. The investment in your career development not only benefits you personally but also contributes significantly to the broader societal framework.


Internships, in particular, serve as invaluable experiences for gaining practical job exposure. They offer the opportunity to engage in meaningful research, explore diverse tasks and departments, and establish connections with mentors. Internships are a gateway to acquiring real-world skills, discerning personal preferences, and building relationships with seasoned professionals. Consider it a steppingstone, propelling you towards a career launchpad where informed choices can be made intelligently.


BRYCS ORG: Growing up in a New Country: A Positive Youth Development Toolkit for Working with Refugees and Immigrants (Toolkit)

This toolkit brings together articles, resources, and programs that can assist agencies in adopting a Positive Youth Development (PYD) approach to working with newcomer youth. Mainstream and newcomer service providers alike should benefit from these resources and examples of "promising practices" in youth programming. The Resource Charts are organised according to stages of the program development cycle.

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