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  • Having a mentor is like having a secret weapon for developing your skills. Imagine having someone experienced who is willing to share tricks with you! A mentor is more than just a guide; they're your backstage pass to success.
  • Think of them as your personal knowledge boosters. They're there to help you improve your skills, give advice when you're unsure, and support you as you achieve your goals. It's like having your own superhero squad for personal and professional growth. Mentors are like skill superheroes—they help you learn new things, boost your motivation, and highlight strengths you may not realise you have. And the best part? They've got your back no matter what.
  • But there's more! Having a mentor isn't just about skills; it's also about having a real-life role model. Someone who inspires and supports you, guiding you on the path to success like a personal life GPS.

Through Role Models

Positive role models act as guiding lights in real life. They not only show you the way but also hand you a valuable treasure map to success. How do they accomplish this? They possess some remarkable traits:

  1. A dedication to the community - Your role model is akin to a community advocate, always prepared to enhance circumstances for everyone. They are committed to making the community a better place.
  2. Embracing others - The finest role models are all about accepting people as they are. No judgement, just positive vibes and understanding.

Improving Youth Wellbeing Through Role Models

  1. Inspiring others - Ever encountered someone who simply motivates you to give your best? That's your role model encouraging you to reach for the stars.
  2. Clear values - Role models have a clear set of values that guide them. It's like having a moral compass that always points to doing the right thing.
  3. Navigating challenges - Life presents obstacles to everyone, but your role model excels at overcoming them. They demonstrate that no situation is hopeless.

Being Mentored

Embrace the invaluable guidance of a mentor – a steadfast companion in your pursuit of growth. Here's why engaging with a mentor is like unlocking a powerful catalyst for personal, academic, and professional development:

Support Growth - Mentors are steadfast support pillars, nurturing your development in various aspects of life. Their role goes beyond guidance; they offer essential support to help you navigate the complexities of your developmental journey.

Setting Goals - Picture a mentor actively working with you to define and achieve significant objectives, going beyond the usual to enhance your path. Your mentor, a strategic partner, plays a key role in achieving these ambitions.

Knowledge Source - Mentors hold a wealth of hands-on knowledge, providing valuable insights in various situations. When dealing with tough decisions or challenges, your mentor acts as a wise guide, offering practical advice based on real-life experience.

Open toListening - Your mentor actively listens, creating a supportive atmosphere for expressing thoughts and ideas. They also offer constructive feedback to aid your personal and professional growth.

Case Study Mentor Sweden

  • Mentor Sweden is committed to fostering healthy development in youth. They offer mentorship programs for 13-17-year-olds, where mentors act as role models providing necessary support.
  • The organization focuses on preventive measures against health issues and social exclusion.
  • Operating with a 25-member team in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö, Mentor Sweden collaborates with local entities and companies for wider impact.
  • Team members, with varied expertise in social work, education, and more, share a common goal of advocating for young people's rights and societal participation.

Find your mentor

These initiatives provide various forms of support and development opportunities for young people across Europe, focusing on mentoring, professional development, and empowerment

LinkInitiative NameBrief Description
European Mentoring Summit 2022European Mentoring Summit 2022A summit contributing to the European Year of Youth, focusing on mentoring young Europeans. It offers opportunities for knowledge gain, professional development, and civic engagement.
Mentoring EuropeMentoring EuropeAn initiative focused on developing quality assessment and standards for mentoring, connecting research and practice, and advocating the impact of mentoring on social and economic development in Europe.
House of MentorsHouse of MentorsA network of mentors across Europe supporting students and their ideas. It focuses on personal and sustainable support, organizing competitions, and presentations for mentors, mentees, and sponsors.
Mentor International Youth AcademyYouth AcademyA program by Mentor International and TUI Care Foundation, offering a year-long in-school group mentoring program in Germany, Jordan, and Sweden. It aims to empower young people from vulnerable communities with life skills.
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