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Active Citizenship

Imagine you and your friends are learning in a way that's not just about books and classrooms. It's about diving into your community, figuring out its challenges, and coming up with real solutions.

This way of learning is like turning your neighborhood into a giant classroom. You get to get your hands dirty, use tools, and understand how things work around you. But here's the awesome part - it's not just about knowing facts; it's about understanding how you and your actions can make a positive impact.

Now, why is this so important for you as young adults? Well, it's like training to be an active citizen. It's not just about being a part of your community; it's about being someone who actively cares, understands, and does something about it.

You might explore how local things, like having chickens or an old streetcar track, affect your community. By doing this, you're not just learning for the sake of it; you're preparing to make a difference. This way of learning helps you become someone who's not just aware of local issues but is ready to take action to make your community - and maybe even the world - a better place. It's like turning your education into a superpower for positive change!

Promoting the Active Participation of Youths

Active participation of youths means that you are actively involved and engaged to make things happen. It's when you step up, get involved, and take action in your communities and beyond.

Whether it's joining clubs, volunteering, speaking up about important issues, working together to create positive change, active participation means that you are taking the lead and making your voices heard. It's about making a difference.


by Increasing Active Youth Participation

Space and participation for all

Giving you a bigger say in decision-making. Everyone knows that young people are important for democracy, but sometimes your voices don't get heard enough. You need to have a real say in the decisions that affect you.

Inclusive societies

Ensuring that you from a diverse range of backgrounds have information about and access to participation and decision-making processes.

Quality learning

Ensuring that you have access to citizenship education to provide you with solid knowledge on political systems, democracy and human rights, which is also linked to community-based experiences to promote active civil participation.

If you're a young person looking to boost civic participation by attending a youth conference in Europe, the European Youth Event (EYE) is an excellent opportunity. The EYE brings together young people from across the European Union to share and shape ideas on Europe's future. It's a unique platform for interacting with experts, activists, influencers, and decision-makers.

You can check out their upcoming events and get more information on their website: European Youth Event. This event is not only a chance to engage in important discussions but also a way to connect with like-minded individuals and broaden your horizons.

Track regular calls for applications for young people to take part as youth delegates and represent national and EU youth. CLICK HERE

Thousands of young people have already shared their ideas on topics that matter. Are you ready for the next level? Join the conversation and help building a network of solutions! CLICK HERE

Did you miss a session or want to relive insightful conversations? Check out all the 8 hybrid activities from EYE2023. CLICK HERE

Local EYEs bring the unique experience of the EYE (European Youth Event) to Europe’s cities and regions, offering young people across the continent the opportunity to meet other young people, inspire one another and exchange ideas with experts, activists and decision-makers. CLICK HERE

Examples of Active Citizenship:

  1. Community Clean-up Initiatives:
    • Organising or participating in clean-up events to beautify public spaces, parks, or neighbourhoods.
    • Establishing recycling programmes and promoting environmental sustainability.
  2. Youth-Led Advocacy Campaigns:
    • Initiating campaigns on issues like climate change, mental health awareness, or education reform.
    • Engaging in letter-writing or petition drives to influence local policies or practices.
  3. Volunteering for Local Causes:
    • Contributing time and effort to local charities, food banks, or shelters.
    • Participating in community service projects to address specific needs, such as helping the elderly or supporting educational initiatives.
  4. Community Gardens and Urban Farming:
    • Collaborating with neighbours to create community gardens.
    • Supporting initiatives that promote sustainable and locally sourced food production.
  5. Active Participation in Local Governance:
    • Attending town hall meetings to voice concerns and opinions.
    • Joining youth councils or advisory boards to actively contribute to decision-making processes.
  6. Education and Mentorship Programmes:
    • Tutoring or mentoring peers to enhance educational opportunities.
    • Establishing programmes that promote skill development and knowledge sharing within the community.
  7. Civic Engagement Through Media:
    • Creating and sharing content on social media platforms to raise awareness about social issues.
    • Starting a community newsletter or blog to inform residents about local events and concerns.
  8. Supporting Local Businesses:
    • Choosing to shop locally to support small businesses and contribute to the local economy.
    • Organising events or campaigns that highlight and promote local entrepreneurs.
  9. Emergency Preparedness and Response:
    • Participating in or organising community emergency response training.
    • Establishing neighbourhood watch programmes to enhance community safety.
  10. Promotion of Cultural Understanding:
    • Organising cultural exchange events to foster understanding and appreciation.
    • Participating in initiatives that celebrate diversity and inclusivity within the community.

Young Service Designers

The 'Young Service Designers' (YSD) project is a collaboration funded by the European Youth Together (EYT) Sub-programme of the ERASMUS+ Programme.

The project aims to engage young people in proposing sustainable and innovative solutions for their cities, with the support of local administrations and youth workers. Youth workers will experiment with new methods to attract young people's interest in active citizenship and stimulate their desire to propose solutions for local challenges.

Young Service Designers

The planned activities aim to achieve the following results:

Youth Leadership, Engagement and Participation

It is important to consider the role of different factors, such as relationships, expectations, and resources, in creating a positive learning environment for youth wellbeing, as well as building supportive relationships with you and engaging all of you in the learning process.

Watch the video: The Congress gives youth delegates a chance to talk about their projects


Through Youth Leadership, Engagement and Participation

Youth Leadership

These programmes include travel, intercultural exchange, outdoor education, organising events, sports, intergenerational knowledge exchange, work experience, public speaking, and life skills development.


When community-based organisations and government agencies actively involve you in their efforts, it leads to your participation in meaningful and responsible actions that drive positive social change.


All of you are an integral part in the process of planning, identifying needs, finding solutions, implementing programmes and decision making within organisations and communities.


Providing you with crucial tools, such as language, computer literacy and leadership training, to pursue higher education and other human development programmes.


Build strong networks of young leaders who will continue to collaborate with one another and become leaders in your local communities.


Various programmes and activities for young people to encourage new ideas, business skills, and economic growth.

Case Study

YIP Programme

The International Youth Initiative Programme is a special training for social entrepreneurship. It's a comprehensive education programme that helps young people become more globally aware and personally empowered.

The goal is to build your ability to take action in the midst of current global challenges. Between 18 and 28 years old, 20-40 participants from around the world live, learn, and work together for 10 months.

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