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TEDx Talk: Why cultural diversity matters.

Main ideas:

  • Examples of cultural diversity has served humanity
  • The loss of cultural diversity: How it happens in modern society
  • Solutions to the loss of culture society

TEDx Talk: How to Go Beyond Diversity and Inclusion to Community and Belonging

Main ideas:

  • Cultural diversity
  • Inclusion: How to feel like you belong
  • Diversity: Practical implications in everyday life

Simon Sinek: What diversity and inclusion is really about

Main idea:

The difference from when we see things from our own perspective and from a broader shared vision.

Short comedy film: Diversity hire

Main idea:

How the modern concept of diversity (ethnic, sexual orientation, etc) can be misused and may undermine equality at the workplace. (Personal opinion: I found it quite hilarious).

Oscar nominated short film: New boy

Main idea: 

How our diverse cultural background shapes our life experiences and how they collide with other “native” and backgrounds and know-hows when placed in another cultural setting. (Personal opinion: Quite related to the research we did certain parts of PR2 and quite emotional)

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