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EW Group challenge and consultancy: Identity and Belonging - Black students’ experiences of racism within higher education.

Dr. Lateesha Osburne discusses her PHD research into black students’ sense of identity and belonging within higher education. She analyses how experiences of racism affected the students’ sense of identity and belonging, and the strategies that they adopted to navigate the campus culture. Her findings provide us with a microcosm of other institutions and workplaces and an insight into the experiences of minority groups. 

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Democracy in practice: Youth engagement, minority inclusion, and democratic backsliding with Kim Campbell

A discussion youth engagement in public service, minority inclusion, and her vision for Club de Madrid in preventing democratic backsliding.

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Reframing migrants in European media: Episode 6: The body, soul and spaces.

Three migrants share their personal experiences as well as the challenges face by migrants and/ or people of color living there. What does it mean to have a migrant background in Spain? How do local people of Barcelona perceive a non-white person, and how different are they treated because of stereotypes? or even, does the media narrative change in this country which is also a crucial enclave for newcomers?

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